Sitting Techniques

(Picture of Suwariwaza) These techniques include defensive maneuvers to attacks by an overhead strike, a temple strike, a wrist grab, a double wrist grab, a punch, a chest grab, a frontal choke, a sleeve grab, a shoulder grab, etc.
Half-Sitting & Half- Standing Techniques

(Picture of hanmi-handachi) These include defensive maneuvers to a wrist grab, to a punch, to a back collar grab, to a choke from behind, etc.
Standing Techniques

(Picture of Tachiwaza) These techniques include the same defensive maneuvers mentioned in the sitting techniques.
Taken from Behind Techniques

(Picture of being taken form behind) These include defense against a back collar grab, choking from behind, double wrist grab from behind, shoulder grab from behind, hugging from behind, etc.
Techniques for dealing with Multiple Opponents

(Picture of multiple opponent attack) These include defensive maneuvering when faced with two opponents, three opponents or many opponents.

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