The Japanese martial art's magazine "Hiden" issued by BAB Japan Co. Ltd., frequently carried articles about the Daibukan and Mr. Ohgami. This magazine is very popular in the martial art's community and is read throughout Japan. Back issues can be ordered for those who can read Japanese by contacting BAB.

Our video is also distributed by BAB Japan Co. Ltd. It is entitled "Daito Ryu Aiki Budo Hiden: The secret arts of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu." Supervised by Mr. Ohgami of the Daibukan, this video is available throughout Japan at big bookstores, or can be ordered through BAB. A second addition to this video may be produced in the future.


For Dojo members, one can purchase Mr. Ohgami's book entitled "In pursuit of Dreams: Takuma Hisa's Stormy Life & My Aikijujutsu." This book will available in English and published in America in the near future. Also, the Daibukan publishes the Daibukan Journal on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

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