History & Lineage
Top picture: Founding Days at the Daibukan. Mr. Takuma Hisa [left] with Mr. Kenkichi Ohgami [right]




Information on the Daibukan

The Daibukan was named by Mr. Takuma Hisa, Menkyo Kaidan holder (full-master ship certificate) of Daito Ryu Aikijujustu. The Daibukan,which was established by Mr. Kenkichi Ohgami in Nishinomiya city in1968, for the exclusive purpose of spreading Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu in the Kansai area, and throughout the world.

Daito Ryu at the Daibukan

While Mr. Ohgami continues to teach this traditional martial art dating back 800 years, he makes it a rule to study how to bring what he has mastered to be used in contemporary times. He considers what significance Daito Ryu has for today's world, and how it can be used to compete against other martial arts, such as Karate, Kempo, Judo, or kick boxing, etc. as well as how it might relate to typical sport's tournament competitions. In his book that is used as a manual at the Daibukan, Mr. Ohgami included the life story of his martial art's mentor and teacher, Mr. Takuma Hisa so that later generations would know his greatness and legacy. As a result of this publication, a very popular martial art's magazine in Japan called "Hiden" decided to do a series on Mr. Ohgami and his Daibukan that ran for 6 months in 1998.

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On May 19,2002(Sun.), Mike Johanns the Governor of the state of Nebraska, U.S.A.proclaimed the day as - Daibukan Day - due to our contribution to society through martial arts and friendship exchage with the great state of Nebraska.


Kenkichi Ohgami's Personal Profile

Mr. Ohgami practiced Karate for 4 years and graduated from Kyushu University in English literature. Mr. Ohgami became a disciple of Mr. Takuma Hisa at his Kansai Aikido Club in 1961. He opened his own dojo, the Daibukan, in 1968. In 1971 he received 5th dan and a teaching certificate (kyoju dairi) from Mr. Hisa. In 1976, he received 8th dan, highest rank of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu awarded by Mr. Takuma Hisa and in 1999 he received 5th dan in Karatedo from the Mahatokai.

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