Dojo Guide

The Daibukan Motto & Basic Principles of the Daibukan

1. We should discipline ourselves both physically and spiritually.

2. Always come to the aid of and support those who are weak.

3. We should contribute to society in a meaningful way order to create a peaceful 21st century.


Bearing in mind the above-mentioned principles, we should use our martial art's practice in order to strive to cultivate ourselves and our juniors, both technically (physically) and spiritually (our mind and heart). That is to say, at the Daibukan, we want to foster the kind of individual who will contribute to raising others of character while disciplining themselves at the same time. In fact, if our juniors become people of even superior character and talent than ourselves, we will have succeeded, because they will be able to play an active and contributive role in society, thus fulfilling the greatest contribution we can make. Thus Daibukan training is also life training.

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