This website is dedicated to all anglers, young and old, male and female, veterans and beginners. The information here is fishing reports, data on fish (especially kurodai --- black sea bream), cooking with fresh fish, and so on.
I hope this site will be visited by all anglers and fish lovers --- not only Japanese but people all over the world. Unfortunately, however, the pages here are written only in Japanese, because I can't write in English. (It isn't me who wrote these sentences. A volunteer kindly wrote them for me for this once.)
I wish someone would translate the Japanese pages here into English so that as many people as possible can read them. Won't anyone kindly do the job for me? Let me introduce myself a little. I am a 36-year-old Japanese man, living in Fukuoka City. I am a free-lance car dealer. My family is my wife, one-year-old son, a cat named gen-no-suke, and me. My most favorite pastime is fishing, of course. I also love golfing, outdoor activities, overseas trips, and so on.
I'd appreciate it if you would kindly translate my website, if not all, at least partially. I'm waiting for your email.

Lastly I'd like to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Sato, my web friend living in Hiroshima Prefecture, for the translation above.

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